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Checking Blood Pressure

Healthcare Access

How about the freedom to seek and receive that healthcare in your community? Essential services like healthcare shouldn’t just be numbers on a spreadsheet and huge profit centers. Send representatives like Joe to Saint Paul, who will listen to the healthcare needs of rural Minnesota communities and work to keep the big healthcare companies accountable.

Childcare Access and Affordability

How about the freedom to take that job offer or promotion and do better for your family because there’s available and affordable childcare in your community? How about the freedom to start that new business because workers have a trusted provider to take care of their children? And how about the freedom to be that provider because the rest of the community has your back? We often say, correctly, that children are our future. By supporting policies that make child care more accessible, affordable, and offer providers a livable wage, we're making sure our children are taken care of and supporting our families, workforce, and businesses.

Play School



What do you think? 

What issues are important to you? Share them with Joe by emailing him here.

Is there a more important freedom than having a place to call home? Anyone who has come of age, considered upgrading, or moved to a new city for work, love or a new start has likely struggled to find housing of the size and quality they're looking for. We're in a strange situation where parts of greater Minnesota are experiencing overall population decline but also experiencing housing shortages. It's a problem that at first glance doesn't make a lot of sense but the truth is that our family sizes are growing smaller and we're staying in our homes longer making the existing inventory of homes and rental units fall short. This phenomenon along with out of control investment groups have driven up housing costs for everyday Minnesotans.

Send Joe to Saint Paul to establish and fund revolving community construction loans to build housing units for communities and establish rules that limit the influence of large investment groups on our housing market. Housing should be for families and the workforce first!

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