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Let's Grow with Joe!

Meet Joe Staloch

I've worked in just about every environment I can think of--from hog barns back on the farm, restaurant kitchens and dining rooms in college, oil pipelines, military sites, and manufacturing plants from my time in the environmental field, to a retail box store when I first moved back, and finally to the office where I now work for a local ISP.  Wherever you are or whatever you do, I believe we can relate to one another. I've returned to my roots, and like a true farm kid I want to see things grow. A farmer can never promise a good harvest, but my promise to you is this: If you send me to St Paul, I will do my absolute best to help southern Minnesota grow and prosper. 

I'm running to be your MN House Discritc 23A representative in St. Paul. I'm a life long Minnesotan whose roots run deep here. I was born and raised on a family farm outside Wells, where I worked alongside my family, mostly clearing up after the hogs. My family still owns and operates the farm, but I was encouraged to move on and find my own way.

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